Embracing the Living Wage

Goward Property Law were proud to host Bob Cotton as our special guest for a presentation at our reception drinks last Tuesday 3rd November 2015. Bob was CEO of the British Hospitality Association for 10 years, awarded the OBE in 2003 New Year's Honours list and has been in the hospitality sector for over 40 years. Bob gave an illuminating talk highlighting the disparity in the hospitality industry between capital expenditure and investment in staff. With millions being expended on, for example, refurbishments – little or no resources are being applied to investing in staff – in terms of pay, training and retention. With some straightforward arithmetic Bob showed that investing in people doesn’t necessarily have to hit the bottom line. In terms of the Living Wage Bob’s approach is refreshingly simple. In the same way as he advised the hospitality industry to embrace and work with the smoking ban – his advice is that the hospitality industry should embrace and make a positive out of the Living Wage. It links neatly into the concept of growing an economy by investing in people and skills. Certainly Bob’s talk generated a lot of interest – and it was delivered in a no nonsense practical way – if only some of our politicians could adopt the same straight talking format.

We would like to thank Bob for his time in coming to talk to us – and to all our guests who helped to make it such an enjoyable and successful evening.

As always Marcus Edwards and his team at Holland House ensured the bubbles flowed and all our guests were looked after.

We would also like to add a very special thanks to our friend’s - The Vineyard Rocca Di Frassinello - who generously supplied a special selection of their fine wines. Suffice to say the wines were thoroughly enjoyed.

Photos: Felipe Goncalves

Flowers: By Appointment Only Design

Wines: Rocca Di Frassinello

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